Hi, I'm Yvonne. Thank you for visiting my website.


I have loved makeup and skin care products since I was a little girl.  I inherited the obsession from my mom, an original Diva.  Putting lipstick and "rouge" on my cats and dolls was the first indication that this was to become my passion.  My cats always had rosy cheeks.  I decided to make myself credible and official by returning to school to study Esthetics at The Paul Mitchell Ohio Academy.  I wanted to learn all I could to enable me to advise women about skin care and proper makeup application.  

My career includes total skin care for all ages and skin types, applying makeup for everything from special occasions to haunted houses.   I work with film makers and photographers as well as doctors who recommend camouflage makeup to cover scaring and other imperfections.  I have taught classes to educate women on how to become their own makeup artist.  I strive to make beautiful women more beautiful, and once-beautiful women once again beautiful.

Self esteem and confidence are the real keys to beauty and both radiate from within.  This I have learned from personal experience. I consider myself to be a "self-esteemologist".  I have witnessed women come to me lifeless and walk away with a totally different demeanor because they look and FEEL beautiful ... inside and out.