skin care


Makeup is the icing on the cake.  Good skin and a good skin care regime are essential for makeup to look fabulous. I have several ways to breathe new life into your skin.  The simple and most fun way is to host a "spa party".  Here you will be pampered using skin care products for your face, feet and hands.  I will teach you how to keep your skin looking youthful with age specific skin care products.  To host a spa party, all you need to do is gather some of your Diva girlfriends who want to relax, have fun and get a skin care crash course in a few hours.  Theme your spa party for various events. Celebrate birthdays, showers, or just a girlís night in. Include chocolate, wine and cheese, margaritas or anything you can think of.  This is also a good way to introduce your teenage daughters to skin care and makeup.

A step up from that would be to see me for treatments such as microderm abrasion, a face peel or the new state of the art treatment and non-invasive alternative to Botox called The Non Surgical Face Lift.

I use Cosmeceutical grade products with pharmaceutical ingredients like peptides and hylauronic acid to attract and hold moisture to plump tissue many layers beneath the surface.  I am having wonderful results on acne using infared light with galvanic and microcurrent.

For weddings or special events, I can come to you and apply your makeup so it will look just as good at the end of the evening as it did in the morning.  If you have extremely sensitive skin, I have a complete mineral makeup line called Larenim (  Larenim is mineral spelled backward.  It has no harsh chemicals or ingredients and is sold in health food stores such as Mustard Seed.

I also have another wonderful cosmetic line called Motives.  This is a very upscale line with beautiful colors and staying power.  If you already have a favorite brand and just donít think you know how to apply it affectively, let me show you how in one simple at home lesson.

I am available to apply makeup for film, photography, commercials, theater and modeling.  I am an instructor who can teach, give consultations and recommendations one on one or in a group.  We can use my makeup or all the makeup that you have laying around that you don't know what to do with or how to apply it.

There is no excuse not to look and feel radiant at any age.  You can have beautiful healthy skin and be your own makeup artist.  True beauty and confidence comes from within, but a little help on the outside doesnít hurt.

Yvonne Negrelli